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May 29 2014

The Market For Used Medical Supplies

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One of the offshoots of the medical supply industry is the trade in used medical equipment. It makes a lot of sense that there is quite a market for such equipment, considering the high cost of health care today. Let us say that you have a broken ankle, for example, and need a wheelchair to get around in the interim. Buying the chair new might be prohibitively expensive, especially if it will only be needed for a short period of time. There is also the dilemma of what to do with it afterwards – not many of us want that visual reminder of a tough period in our lives and these items could also just add to the clutter in the home.

This leaves a great opportunity for an enterprising person – you can set up quite a good business by being an intermediary between those that are discarding medical equipment and those that need them. You can choose to build up a stock of items for people to hire or you can choose to buy and sell medical equipment directly yourself. You would obviously sell these for a bit of a markup in order to make money. The option you choose depends on the direction that you want to take your business. You will find that there are advantages and disadvantages in either event.

In either event, you will need to register in order to be able to buy or sell medical equipment. Sourcing the equipment is simple, just approach a medical supply company. If your intention is to rent the equipment out, you would need to source good quality equipment that has been well looked after or consider buying it brand new.

There are several opportunities to buy used medical equipment online but do not let that be your only source. Get to know the doctors and medical practitioners locally – they can help you source materials and also possibly refer business to you. They might even end up being a supplier for you – medical practices do, from time to time, upgrade their equipment and do look for ways to get rid of the old equipment.

It could pay you to advertise locally that you will buy medical supplies – it is usually a lot less expensive to be able to buy directly from the users than to buy them through an intermediary or even through a website – most of these sites charge success fees to the sellers and this prompts them to increase the prices.


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